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New opportunities to enter the international market to develop logistics development

Issuing time:2018-08-21 00:00

On May 11, the first column in South Asia international freight train LanQiCheng, 10 days later, the column filled with "made in China" freight train, railway, highway transportation, will arrive in Nepal's capital Kathmandu. This marked the lanzhou in the construction of "area", in the open "lanzhou, central Asia, the European freight train, once again took an important step in the open to the south west.

"A major strategic concept put forward area all the way" for more than two years, countries along the response. Last year, China with more than 30 countries "area" memorandum of understanding signed project, and some of the main skeleton "area" has already begun to build, such as corridor, the Russian economy, China - Indochina economic corridor, the new asia-europe continental bridge economic corridor, corridor of China, central Asia, west Asia, China and Pakistan economic corridor, such as China and India and myanmar economy corridor meng, some have made gratifying achievements. First in terms of central Europe, in the past, between China and the eu mainly by air, sea and road freight transport, air transport and road transport costs is high, the shipping time consuming. Trains in central Europe with its characteristics of short distance, high speed, safety, and security, green environmental protection, affected by the natural environment of small advantages, has become the backbone of the road transport way in international logistics.

International freight promising prospects, has a very high cost performance. As is known to all, the past we facing south and southeast Asia logistics trade mainly completed by sea, the opening of the railway freight train is broadened the way of road transport, will give full play to the advantages of railway transport. As you can imagine, in the future by the railway drive economic trade between countries and cities, goods, mobility, cultural exchanges and technical support, will be strengthened among countries "urban" effect, "all the way along the" development pattern will also set up in the help, mutual assistance, mutual into the world of common development cooperation system. With mutual complementary technology, resources, railway will keep moving in the development, eventually paved a circuit diagram of railway transportation in the world.

Now "area" has become a trend, the opening of each a international railway line of countries and regions to bring along a new round of development opportunities, the industry should be to the development of new ideas to meet the new era, hand in hand to create a win-win. To cooperate with and south railway, our railway has been accelerated the "upgrade", we believe that "South Asia international freight train" will become "in" big strategic international freight "star product", will also pull the common economic development and benefit the people.

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